Stop-Motion Shaving

By Daniel Jolly

I recently played a role in a production by a local theatre group. ¬†The play we performed was a medieval farce called¬†“In My Lady’s Chamber” by Giles Scott. My character, the Squire, err… gets into a little bit mischief at the start of the play that drives the story to it’s humorous conclusion. If you enjoy reading scripts, I recommend checking it out. It has some very funny moments and the odd lame joke for good measure. Anyway, to fit the medieval part I decided to let my hair grow out a bit and stopped shaving once rehearsals started.

Now the play is all over I had to give it the chop, but I spent the afternoon hopefully making all the growth (and trimming) all worthwhile. Presenting Shave 2!

Now, it is called Shave 2 because technically it is a sequel to my first video. I don’t really have a good reason for making the first one, besides being cool, I just grew it and got bored one Sunday!