You’ve stumbled across the personal blog of Daniel Jolly, where he occasionally posts about things he finds interesting and thinks other might find helpful.

Daniel has been working in the tech industry in the trenches (and management) for over 15 years. His career began as a systems administrator in the education sector in Australia, and was responsible for the development and implementation of innovative new programs empowering students and teachers alike. He worked closely with educators to understand and develop solutions for their needs all while also being friendly and accessible.

After moving to Canada, he moved to the private sector world of software engineering, where he worked in various fields such as IT, DevOps, Site Reliability and Security Operations. This journey led him into management, where he combines his technical expertise with his passion for education, to mentor and lead others in the field.

This combination of passion and expertise has made him a valuable asset to all organizations he works with, and when he’s not working, he enjoys watching movies with his wife and chipping away at numerous renovation projects around the house.