A 3D print to fix my microphone clip

I’m the owner of a Behringer C1-U microphone, it’s a great microphone that I use on the rare occasion when I need a studio-quality recording. It comes bundled with a bespoke plastic clip to mount it on a regular microphone stand. That clip was a little flimsy and slight wave-of-the-hand mistake meant my microphone stand and the clip snapped in half.

A bit of Googling revealed later that this is not an uncommon problem and I could not buy a replacement clip anywhere online (it’s worth noting I never contacted Behringer, they might’ve been able to help me out). So I superglued the clip back together and got out my calipers. An evening in Autodesk Auto123D (no longer available) and I had a design that I could 3D print.

I’m a big proponent of open sourcing my code, so in that same spirit, I shared the design on Thingiverse and it has been printed by others to get them out of a jam and even remixed to make entirely new ways to hold the microphone. My design can be downloaded from here.